Mullins Food Products

Mullins joined Newly Weds Foods in 2018 with operations continuing at a fully automated production facility in Broadview, Illinois manufacturing and packaging virtually every type of sauce, dressing and condiment for some of the most well-known and widely-respected companies in the global food landscape.

State of the Art Production Facility

Our 330, 000 sq. ft. facility turns out millions of gallons of liquid food products each year. This steady supply of sauces, ketchup, dressings and spreads makes us a leading private label sauce supplier. But, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to the industry with long-range planning and capital expenditures in future growth opportunities. We have re-invested in our physical plant, equipment, warehouse space and technology to enhance efficiencies and operations. Technology is evident in our cutting-edge equipment and facilities. Our customers benefit from the most cost-efficient production, giving them the confidence of knowing they will be able to meet consumer demand now and in the future.

Custom Sauce Innovation

While some sauce companies might offer only stock or off the shelf type items, we recognize that your sauce is your signature. So, our approach to the development process always keeps that in mind. We produce only custom recipes and formulas that can live up to your expectations. It starts with a vision, to wow your customers with on-trend flavors and textures that create memorable taste experiences.

Developing new sauces requires collaborative effort so our Culinary and R&D teams always work together. They have the knowledge and capability to support these efforts whether it’s enhancing the legacy of a popular brand, creating a new sauce or dressing for an original application, or devising an entirely new product category. The entire Product Development group brings cutting-edge technology to the process and makes sure the formula is consistent with manufacturing requirements and product quality standards. These groups have broad experience in every category of sauces, condiments and dressings so you can be assured the finished product will be a true reflection of your vision.

But, we also extend the opportunity for customers to join in these ideation sessions. This is an ideal setting for all stakeholders to partner in developing the best sauce or dressing for your brand. These sessions produce recipe ideas, samples, product cuttings and even final applications of sauces and dressing on finished products.

Pilot Plant Commercialization

From formulation to test batches to full-scale production, our team works with you to develop personalized, distinctive sauces and dressings. But, even the best custom recipe is not acceptable if it can’t be consistently and economically manufactured on a large scale and optimized for assured supply. A big part in achieving that is through utilization of our sauce pilot plant.  It supports that essential step of facilitating a quick and cost-efficient method to precisely adjust custom formulations and produce samples to test batches before seamlessly scaling up to full-production runs.


Superior Supply Chain

Mullins Food Products is part of Newly Weds Foods, one of the largest food ingredient manufacturers in the world. This connection provides raw material sourcing (of a wide variety of ingredients) on a global scale. Our supply chain professionals offer extensive industry knowledge, long-term vendor relationships and an array of logistics and purchasing power benefits. Traceability is an essential component in a successful and transparent quality plan and we are leaders in this area. Advanced technology and disciplined programs are in place to manage, validate and ensure complete and reliable traceability of our products and raw materials. That all translates into assured supply, speed to market and predictable pricing which are all key factors in choosing a condiment manufacturer.

Quality & Food Safety

We understand that consistent, high quality products are essential to our customers. So, from the finest products to exceptional food safety ratings, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in the food industry. That is why our Quality Assurance Laboratory is intentionally situated in the center of our production facility. Testing is performed on every ingredient we use and every product we make ensuring the delivery of products our customers are proud to put their names on. Our comprehensive and robust quality initiatives encompass traceability, GMP’s, sanitation, and HAACP programs, illustrating the entire organization’s dedication to never compromising on quality.


Mullins has the product offerings to provide bold new tastes through the best savory sauces, delicious dressings, custom ketchups and a host of other condiments. So, if you are looking for a supplier that can deliver on winning signature-type products, you need not search any further. A representative list of sauce styles is presented below to give you a good idea of our capabilities.


In-House Liquid Packaging

We possess a full range of sauce packaging capabilities and high-speed equipment to meet all your foodservice, QSR and bulk needs, from portion control packets or cups to bulk pouches, drums and bulk totes including hot fill process means on various product lines. Like our sauce production process, we maintain redundancies in our packaging machinery to support scheduling flexibility and opportunity for growth.