Capsicum Production & Processing

Capsicum Production & Processing

Away We Grow

At Newly Weds® Foods we understand the science of supplying consistent chili pepper, customized chili powders and the world’s highest quality paprika. We set the same standards for our jalapeño, chipotle, ancho and red pepper products. Harvested at their peak ripeness in mid-fall, all chili’s are hand selected to remove damaged or unripe pods. The capsicums are dried on location in clean burning natural gas ovens and then stored in naturally cooled limestone caves to retain their fresh ripened color.

Newly Weds® Foods is the only US processor that contracts all chili and paprika domestically. Our vertically integrated supply chain combined with an experienced and accomplished processing team ensures dependable delivery of the precise flavor, color and pungency to meet our expectations and all customer requirements.

Planting New Ideas

Newly Weds® Foods is committed to industry leadership in capsicum production. The capabilities of our processing facility, located in the Midwest near Gerald, Missouri, makes us the most cost efficient premium producer of domestic capsicum. Newly Weds’ “ground up” approach and process control are key factors in delivering unsurpassed capsicum quality and consistency to our customer’s products.