Taste Tech University – First In Class

Newly Weds® Foods is expanding our services to further enhance your knowledge of Batter, Breading and Seasoning fundamentals as well as market trends. In addition to continuing our industry leading TTU training sessions, webinars, articles and other resources will be available for download to keep you in the know. Check back to TTU Online frequently and see what’s new on the site to develop your food industry savvy. We’ve got all the ingredients you need for success!

Ready To Go Back To School?

Taste Tech University is as popular today as when we started the program in 2000. Contact your Newly Weds Foods sales representative about getting your name on the attendee list for an upcoming customer session. Remember, we have a limited amount of space so you’ll have to respond quickly once notification is sent out. Everything is handled on a first come first serve basis.

TTU Batters/Breaders Seminar
Get the skinny on the latest in batters and breaders, held twice a year at our Chicago, IL facility. Topics covered include Flour Breaders, Sheeted Products, American Style & Japanese Style Bread Crumb, Blended Breaders, Batters, Food Flavor Trends, as well as, work sessions addressing Comparative Coatings, Marination & Adhesion, Alternative Coatings & Functionalities and the Pilot Processing Line.

TTU Seasonings Seminar
Learn what’s new in seasonings at this three-day seminar held twice a year at our Horn Lake, MS facility. Topics covered include Seasoning Categories, Flavors and Flavor Enhancers, Colors, Carriers, Functional Seasoning Ingredients, Factors Affecting Flavor/Quality, Food Flavor Trends, as well as, work sessions addressing Seasoning Matching, Sauce Formulation and Meat Formulations.