All The Ingredients For Your Success

Newly Weds® Foods delivers the ultimate taste experience. At Newly Weds Foods, our goal is to partner with you in developing innovative new products that build your brand and your bottom line. By providing a comprehensive line of coatings, seasonings and flavor systems, we work with you to introduce new taste sensations with layers of depth and flavor notes that demand brand loyalty. If you’re looking for a partner with big ideas who will inspire you to succeed in the marketplace, you’ve come to the right ingredient supplier.

Superior Food Coatings

It has to taste good and look good. Count on our technical expertise in manufacturing and blending to consistently ensure superior taste, texture, appearance and outstanding functionality. Learn more about our superior food coatings.

Versatile Seasoning Systems

Your new product needs the perfect blend of seasonings to make it stand out from the competition. Seasoning can add richness and vibrancy to your products and make a bold statement that’s exclusively yours. Learn more about our versatile seasoning systems.

Food Safety & Functional Ingredients

Each step of the way, there are critical issues in food production safety. As a fully integrated, functional ingredient supplier, we understand the challenges of commercial processing and work with you to create empowering solutions that optimize your performance guidelines. Learn more about our food safety & functional ingredients.

Consumer Products

Newly Weds Foods manufactures a complete line of wholesome English Muffin and hearty stuffing crumb products that are ready for retail distribution. These classics are staples in the Newly Weds Foods’ product portfolio and a significant part of the company’s rich history. Learn more about our consumer products.


Newly Weds Foods can custom package and label our food coating, seasoning, and sauce products for retail or foodservices readiness. Learn more about our packaging capabilities.

Custom Formulation

Newly Weds Foods has no product catalog, because we custom tailor each project to the customer’s needs.Learn more about our custom formulation approach.