Food Safety & Functional Ingredients

Food Safety & Functional Ingredients

A Leader In Food Safety Products

As an industry leading ingredient supplier, Newly Weds® Foods offers extensive capabilities, resources and expertise in providing custom solutions that address your specific performance needs. If those needs require the use of food safety or functional ingredients, our food scientists and technical staff have the know-how to assure proper processes are followed for optimum results.


Look to our broad portfolio of food safety products and functional ingredients that deliver exceptional performance from shelf-life extension to microbial inhibition.

DefenStat™ – Clean label ingredient for use in raw meat and poultry products providing protection against E. coli and Salmonella through limitation and destruction. Inhibits pathogen proliferation, reduces potential for cross-contamination and enhances the organism’s susceptibility to heat.

NatureGuard™ – NatureGuard is rosemary extract with antioxidant properties. It is manufactured using our proprietary Supercritical Fluid Extraction process where carbon dioxide is used in place of organic solvents to extract the functional elements. This procedure results in a cleaner, higher purity product with more consistent quality.

    • Addresses lipid oxidation in a wide range of fat-containing foods and edible oils
    • Extends shelf life, reduces off-flavor/odor formation, delays discoloration and fading of pigments (photooxidation)
    • Inhibits development of that “warmed over” flavor often attributed to pre-cooked, frozen held products
    • Low application levels allow for minimal flavor and aroma impact in finished products

Ional™ Line – Ional is designed to improve marinade/brine performance in muscle protein via manipulation of Ionic Strength. Ional also functions as a general antimicrobial.

    • All Ional products come as a dry, free-flowing water soluble powder for easy incorporation in marinades, brines and seasoning blends
    • Stabilizes the color of fresh-marinated meats, enhances water retention and improves the eating attributes of finished products
    • Extends shelf life by inhibition of general microbial growth
    • Ional LC has all the benefits of Ional as well as an ability to inhibit the growth of food-borne pathogens, specifically Listeria Monocytogenes in ready-to-eat meats

NatureIn™ Line – Our clean label approach to antimicrobials that offers all the benefits of chemical sounding inhibitors, yet is based on either Vinegar or a combination of Lemon Juice and Vinegar.This versatile product line of viscous liquids can be added directly to the product surface or in brines for marination.

    • V, VH, LV1 & LV1X versions may be used as general shelf-life extenders at low levels and at higher levels for shelf-life and Listeria Monocytogenes inhibition
    • Low application levels allow for minimal flavor and aroma impact in finished products

DV – A clean label antimicrobial product of concentrated dry vinegar, in a free-flowing powder form. This form allows for greater application flexibility. It can be used in brines for marination, as a surface treatment, as a direct addition or even blended into most seasonings.

    • DV delivers Alternative 2 status for Ready-To-Eat meats with minimal flavor and odor contribution

TenderIn™ Line– A clean label phosphate alternative based on lemon juice concentrate. It can be used in brines for marination, as a surface treatment, as a direct addition or even blended into most seasonings.

    • Low application levels allow for minimal flavor and aroma impact in finished products
    • L, LKX = liquids can be added to the product surface or in brines for marination
    • DLX = Lemon juice concentrate and rice flour in a dry form
    • For use in fully cooked products only

Myosol™ Line – Potassium based liquid phosphates formulated for instantaneous reactivity and solubility in cold water.

    • Myosol phosphates increase marinade retention, meat tenderness and overall yield while eliminating sodium content contribution from the functional phosphate to the finished product
    • Already in the Di-phosphate form. No aging or dwell time required to convert as with other phosphate forms (tri or hexameta)
    • Aids in color retention of processed meats, fish & poultry

AdvanStat™ Blends – These blends of food safety ingredients include antimicrobials and antioxidants plus other functional products and/or flavors.

    • Color stabilizer
    • Shelf-life extender
    • Pathogen inhibitors
    • Other benefits based on customized formulation

Protein Technology

The Protein Technology Group is an internal team at Newly Weds Foods made up of meat experts focused on developing natural and pantry friendly alternatives to traditional binders, cures accelerators and color extenders with applications for meat, poultry, seafood (salmon patties, crab cakes, tuna burgers, etc.) and jerky. Newly Weds® Foods current portfolio of products includes:

    • Natural alternatives to nitrites
    • Natural antioxidants
    • Binders, extenders and soy replacers

BindRight™ – BindRight is a unique binder/extender technology, exclusively from Newly Weds Foods. This highly functional crumb is designed for use as a filler, water binder and texturizer in meat applications. A specialized baking profile creates its unique functional characteristics that maximizes finished product yield and overall quality attributes. BindRight can be used as a replacement for soy and other extenders and binders. It absorbs at least 2x its weight in water (or meat juices) and retains particle integrity when hydrated to deliver a tight texture and excellent mouthfeel. Applications include:

    • Meat & Poultry
    • Seafood
    • Pasta
    • Soups
    • Snack Seasonings