Superior Food Coatings

Superior Food Coatings

Unique Textures, Flavors And Visual Appeal Create Competitive Edge

Our goal is to make your products stand out with versatile batters and tasty breadings that add culinary innovation to the mix. From crunchy goodness to light and airy crispiness, Newly Weds® Foods can help you create a new taste sensation that commands consumer attention and repeat purchase.

Versatile Batters

Newly Weds Foods has the knowledge and the technology to develop coating systems that work in our customers’ manufacturing processes. One of the main functional parts of the total coating system is the batter. Batters play an important role in maximizing product yields, while delivering flavor, as well as textural and visual differences. No matter what your challenge, we can design and deliver the type of batter that is just right for your project needs.

    • Adhesion Batters – The most critical function of an adhesion batter is to get the coating to stick to the substrate while minimizing gummy interface . Newly Weds Foods’ batters are formulated to bind the outer coating layers to substrate surfaces that can often be slick or irregular. Adhesion batters go the extra mile by forming a strong bond between substrate and crumb. Without this bond, crumbs can fall off during processing leading to voids on finished product. By reducing voids, the life of the fryer oil can be extended offering cost savings and consistent, quality product.
    • Coating Batters – Our coating batters are designed to enhance eating quality and offer appetite appeal. Having a batter mix on the outside of a substrate offers unique flavor and textural differences from bread crumbs. Batter frys deliver a crispy, crunchy texture with golden color and can be fomulated to adapt to fryer or oven reconstitution. Finished products that are batter fried deliver a unique identity on products like fish and chips or tempura fried vegetables.
    • Specialty Batters – From Belgian waffles to cake mixes, corn dogs, funnel cakes, and hushpuppy mixes, we know the difference between good and great batters. Our specialty batters offer identity to your signature items and create the ideal premium frozen snack or meal. Our customized clear coat batters aid in crumb retention, and oil pick-up reduction, while maintaining product integrity, under extended heat lamp hold time.

Quality Breadings

At Newly Weds Foods, our formulation team consists of Food Scientists, Culinary Experts, and Technical Service Representatives to take your products from bench to finished product. Professional teamwork ensures that every formulation we develop delivers success and outstanding performance all the way to the retail restaurant or store. Quality bread crumbs play an important role in delivering the perfect bite, appearance and flavor to appetizers or center of the plate products.

    • American-style Bread Crumbs – These homemade style bread crumbs include visible crusts and create golden brown highlights as well as great crispy texture, ideal for a variety of applications. Look to American Style Bread Crumbs for outside coatings, predusts, extenders, thickeners, or as binders for meat products such as meatballs and meatloaves.
    • Rich Japanese-style Bread Crumbs (Panko) – Newly Weds Foods introduced Japanese Style Bread Crumb to the U.S. in the late 70s and has been the category leader ever since. These elongated, sliver shaped bread crumbs deliver a delicate bite with gourmet appearance. These crumbs are perfect for upscale enhancement and can be formulated in different colors and granulations but, they are not only for outer breader applications. This crumb can also be used as a de-panning or work surface release agent for fresh pizza doughs while providing crunch to frozen pizza. Panko can also be used as pulping agents in sauces.
    • Sheeted Breaders – These flat, dense crumbs deliver a firm coating for those substrates that need it. Our specially formulated sheeted breaders provide a crushed cracker bite while also providing maximum fry tolerance characteristics. In addition to use as a coating, sheeted breaders can be used as predusts, extenders, or binders for meat applications.
    • Homestyle/Flour Breaders – Newly Weds Foods’ flour breaders deliver a homestyle, flaky coating. giving your products that unique homemade appearance. Our formulations target the proper finished fry color as well as absorption properties that are critical in meat applications.