Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

Get Your Competitive Edge

What sets us apart sets you apart. Partner with Newly Weds® Foods to ensure your success in the marketplace.

Latest Data Keeps You Fresh

What does it take to stay ahead of the curve? At Newly Weds Foods, we ramp up the most robust menu-tracking database available to identify relevant opportunities for menu and portfolio development. We analyze new food product launches, creating insights about retail trends on a global basis. From foodservice to consumer packaged goods, we keep you on the cutting edge of the newest flavor profiles.

Blending Culinary And Technical Excellence

It takes an exceptional combination of food scientists and culinary professionals to successfully launch new products. Our “Gold Standard” recipes showcase our unique capabilities to bring new ideas to market. Our formulation experts take those recipes and translate them into process ready components that remain true to the original “Gold Standard” recipe.

On-site Support Excellence

Look to our Technical Service pros for startups, technical assistance, troubleshooting or to run production and process seminars. We’re available to work with you for on-site plant assessments. What’s more, our batter and breading and meat pilot plants can simulate most manufacturing processes and are available for production test runs.

Integrated, Fast Response Time

Our Manufacturing and Logistics Specialists understand the importance of dependable deliveries, and are driven to assure on-time and complete order reliability to meet your production deadlines.

Customer-focused Culture

Our entire organization strives to work in tandem to serve you faster and more efficiently. We deliver everything you’d expect from a leader including a maximum three day turn around on sample requests, customized to meet your specific project parameters… and more!