Our Difference

Our Difference

Our Customer-Focused Culture

At Newly Weds® Foods we know you have a choice when selecting a food ingredient supplier. That is why we’ve incorporated some very important resources into our business specifically to better serve you, the customer. Consider the following in choosing a food ingredient manufacturer that can best address your needs.

Privately-Owned Company

Newly Weds Foods, an over 1.5 billion dollar food ingredient company, offers you the resources for your company’s success. We are committed to making your needs the highest priority, not the board or the shareholders. We are also successfully doing business with companies of all sizes. Even the smallest operation can leverage our vast network of global locations, manufacturing efficiencies and purchasing power.

Additionally, we stand by the quality of our products, which minimizes your exposure to marketplace risk.

29 Manufacturing Facilities Around The World

With so many manufacturing facilities (17 in North America) under the Newly Weds Foods umbrella, we are always in close proximity to our customers. This business approach provides us and you with advantages in everything from communication to product development to transportation. Our industry leading commitment to a three day turn around on repeat orders is made possible by this number of locations, as well as our investment in capacity to stay ahead of customer volume demands.

Newly Weds Foods expands coverage as our customer base and their needs grow. We are currently supporting their business in over 94 countries and will continue to deliver the level of support they expect wherever their business takes them.

Multiple Lines And Capacity Covering All Product Categories Plus Standardization In Processes Across Our Manufacturing System

Newly Weds Foods’ manufacturing system purposely includes multiple production lines for each product type and locates lines for like product in several different plants. We have also standardized manufacturing processes so that products made at one facility mirrors that made at another. This approach allows us to move production seamlessly from one plant to another and facilitates your order delivery should any unforeseen event cause an interruption at one of our locations. Capacity is also critical in being able to provide this level of support. Therefore, the availability of production volume is closely managed.

23 On-Site Research & Development Labs

Newly Weds Foods employs over 350 technical staff members around the world. This is truly one of the largest and most experienced in the industry and, all are ready to serve you. When you choose Newly Weds Foods we assign your project to a specific food scientist who will work with you all the way through the process from inception to delivering the final product.

This staff member will design a customized product to address your specific project requirements each time and provide quality, on-target samples within three days of project initiation.

Quality Is Paramount

Our size allows for global sourcing of ingredients to acquire the best possible products at an unmatched cost. We conduct supplier audits on a consistent basis around the world to assure quality & safety of raw ingredients, minimizing risk to you and your business. We maintain BRC “A” or “AA”  ratings across our entire manufacturing system.

Technical Service Team

Newly Weds Foods employs a staff of individuals with a combined technical & process skillset to make sure our products run perfectly on your equipment. They are capable of evaluating and making product and/or production line adjustment suggestions to accomplish this important goal.

Market Insights

We subscribe to multiple market trend database tools in order to stay in tune with the food product and marketplace activity. So what we develop for you is consistent with end user interest and demand. This means your projects can incorporate the latest trends based on qualitative and quantitative data.