The first and only clean label ingredient for raw meat and poultry that protects against the three systemic failures leading to E. coli and Salmonella outbreaks.


*DefenStat™ reduced pathogen transfer 90+% in both chicken and beef. Based on independent/3rd party lab results.

Inhibits Pathogen Proliferation

DefenStat™ delivers significant intervention of proliferation in processing as well as pathogen growth known to occur in distribution.

Reduces Cross-Contamination Risks

Even with careful handling and storage, mistakes can be made in food preparation, presenting multiple opportunities for cross-contamination. Utilizing DefenStat™ in uncooked meat and poultry during the processing phase delivers an extra layer of defense, should proper safeguards not be adhered to further down the product cycle. DefenStat™ application reduces potential for cross-contamination greater than 90%*.

Enhances Pathogen Susceptibility To Heat


DefenStat™ stops pathogen growth at non-GMP temperatures and promotes increased organism destruction with enhanced heat susceptibility.

E. coli and Salmonella present in raw meat and poultry can be eliminated if cooked to the proper temperature. However, bringing the product to that heat level is not assured without the use of a thermometer. Utilizing DefenStat™ can significantly reduce pathogen survival known to occur in non-HACCP (home) cook by making the organisms more susceptible to destruction by heat.

The combined interventions resulting from the use of DefenStat™ dramatically lower the risk of foodborne illness. Contact your Newly Weds® Foods sales representative to see how DefenStat™ can add that additional layer of defense to your products or, call 1-800-621-7521  or email to learn more.

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