Interesting Ways To Use Croutons

Croutons are probably most recognized as a garnish on a Caesar salad. Indeed, grocery stores often merchandise croutons with fresh produce, and crouton brands feature beautiful food photography of salad on their packaging. But there are other interesting culinary uses for croutons. Food and Wine magazine featured a few, including croutons stirred into scrambled eggs, which eliminate the need for toast, and crumbled and used like bread crumbs to encrust a fish or chicken dish. Flavored croutons can also be eaten right out of the bag as a snack. Our chefs love how versatile croutons are, particularly with soups. They could be used as a garnish instead of crackers, as a replacement for the crusty toast topping in French onion soup, or as a thickening agent for a chowder.

There are also a variety of bread types and seasonings used on croutons available in the market today, which can contribute flavor and texture to many dishes. Some of the bread types used in retail include pretzel bread, glutenfree grain, sprouted ancient grain, and corn bread. There are also a wide range of seasonings including aged cheeses, onions and peppers, ranch, garlic and herbs, and honey butter.

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