Pizza Panko

Pizza Panko

Newly Weds Foods introduced Panko and its unique baking process to the U.S. in 1977. As the industry leader in Panko manufacturing, no other company knows this product better. So, Newly Weds is demonstrating that knowledge by minimizing the guesswork in delivering the optimal results of Panko use in pizza dough applications.

Pizza Panko LogoNewly Weds Foods conducted analytical & sensory testing to evaluate various types of Panko as well as other crumbs in terms of hardness and granulation for their beneficial impact on the dough. From the process findings, Pizza Panko was created as a special Japanese style bread crumb that acts as a texture modifier in pizza dough, delivering desirable attributes in both par-baked and fresh dough applications.

Across both dough platforms, Pizza Panko is a less messy option as a replacement for other release agents like flour, corn meal or oils while contributing texture and mouth-feel benefits they can’t, but at a similar cost. It has an inherent docking effect on the dough for more even baking and helps prevent the bottom of the crust from burning.

Pizza Panko is made from only pantry-friendly ingredients (wheat flour, yeast, sugar, salt) and gives pizza the taste, texture and appearance your customers are looking for.

  • For par-baked crust applications, Pizza Panko maintains its functional benefit through freeze-thaw and other product abuses, works well in application equipment currently in industry use and provides a significant audible crispness to pizza crust.
  • For fresh dough applications, just work Pizza Panko into the dough ball before pressing it out and forming the shell. It can also be applied under meat and vegetable toppings to bind oil & moisture to prevent migration to the crust. This makes for a “cleaner” and more appealing delivery box.