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Brian Brindza is a Chicago based Newly Weds Foods chef who for a few months will be working out of the Thailand R&D center and providing culinary support and coverage in the Asia/Pacific region.  Not only will he be exposed to new trends and ingredients from that part of the world but, he will be sharing his knowledge of US food trends with the group over there. This exchange of ideas is at the core of Newly Weds Foods commitment to bring new tastes from all over the world to your product portfolio. Follow Brian as he experiences Thailand and other locales first hand.

The view from my new apartment

The view from my new apartment (Photo by Brian Brindza)

I’m finally on my way to Bangkok!  We left as early as possible to avoid the chaotic traffic, made the flight, and I was comfortably on my way to my new home. I was nervous and excited like a kid on his first day of school. We landed in Bangkok and I was taken to my new home on sukhumvit soi 11, a busy street full of street food, tuk tuks, restaurants and night life.


Photo by Brian Brindza

After getting unpacked I was met by David Dawson, Newly Weds Foods’ Commercial Manager. He had offered to show me some Thai culture. He took me to my first Muay Thai match. It was a huge, hot arena and apparently this was a big fight night because the place was packed to the rafters with old Thai men yelling and making bets with each other. It was definitely an interesting experience. After seeing seven fights and the main fight we exited to the bustling street to try some different street foods. The sanitation may have been a little suspect but I dug in and had a few sausages on sticks with some cabbage and Thai chili peppers. I was instantly in love with Thai street food. After a long day I went to bed to get ready for my first to the new office.

The next day I went on a tour of the plant and saw all the different equipment they use. Then I went to see the Thai New Product Development team and meet the people working with me. They were all very enthusiastic, welcomed me and had a lot of questions for me about America. It was a little overwhelming and difficult at times to understand the accented English they spoke. The most confusing part was seeing everyone’s name tags and then having them tell me they have a different name. The Thai way is to have a nickname when you are younger and then use it your whole life. It’s going to make sending emails difficult! After work I settled in and go some rest for my weekend adventures in food.

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