Visual Guide To Stuffing Sausage

Here are some step by step instructions on how to prep, fill, and cook your first sausage.  A visual guide is always easier to follow, so we hope this better illustrates the process.


1. Soak your casings

2. Prep your ingredients

3. Coarse grind your meat (first pass)

4. It should have an even look to it when done. Add your cure, and mix in

5. Remove fat from pork belly and grind only fat into your meat.

6. Mix fat into meat. You want about a 75% meat to 25% fat ratio.

7. Add seasoning and water to your mixture and hand mix everything together. Load your soaked casings onto the meat stuffer attachment and place your mixture a little at a time into the tray on top.

8. Slowly push the meat mixture down with a plunger and let it fill the casings. Twist off to form links at desired length. If a finer texture is desired, push through a smaller plate.

9. Cook links to 156°F internal temperature and a nice reddish brown color. Cool down, reheat on a grill for the best flavor.

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