The New Face of Food Service – In Store Delis

The landscape of the dining experience is evolving faster than ever. In 2015, the lines between traditional segments continue to blur as restaurants adapt to the challenging environment and create new concepts that meld characteristics from multiple operator types: limited service operators borrowing from full service. Full service is adopting more casual serving styles.

deliThe overlapping of segments goes beyond restaurants, as convenience stores, supermarket delis, and even retail stores continue to establish and elevate their foodservice programs. Alternative dining out options are popping up all over. On site fresh spots in traditional grocery retailers, c-stores with customizable offerings, food trucks and department stores are capturing market share from the restaurant industry. What and where we eat is more plentiful than ever. The definition of in-store dining has forever been altered. Following the 2008 recession, there was a paradigm shift from food service visits to retail for meals on the go – hot or cold.

What ignited was the opportunity to bring the convenience of prepared foods to the consumer. Hot bars with soups, entrees, and sides started to emerge as did the expansion of rotisserie chicken and breaded fried chicken. Contemporary salad bars and ready to go sandwiches started gaining traction as did catering to a more health conscious consumer with prepared or made to order sushi. Designated eating areas also started to expand within those sections truly making the in store deli area a destination.

Supermarkets have been competing with restaurants for market share of lunch and dinner. Some now offer breakfast on-the-go options as well. According to NPD*, data indicates that retail prepared foods purchases experienced the strongest growth at lunch, up by 29%, and dinner up by 9% from 2008-2013. As a leader in food ingredients, Newly Weds Foods plays an important role in supporting the growth of in store delis through innovative and high quality products.

deli2At the June 2015 IDDBA Show, Newly Weds Foods showcased what we are known for in the industry by offering creative solutions and systems consistent in bringing success to your operation and meeting your customer’s expectations.

We offer everything from shake on seasonings for rotisserie chicken, to Pizza Panko™ that acts as a texture modifier in pizza dough delivering crispiness to every bite, to breading systems & training programs for making the best fried chicken. That is just a small example of how Newly Weds Foods can assist in your success. Give us a call to see how we continue to make your instore delis a true destination.

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