The Changing Consumption of Soup

In classical French cuisine, soups were considered part of the starter course, so it is no wonder why they were once only relegated to the appetizers menu and served in cups or small bowls. But soup, as it is known today, extends across all parts of the menu, in both hot and cold forms and with many names.

In cafes, soup can be one part of the soup and a half sandwich meal deal or as a main course served in a bread bowl. One might even order soup as a dessert such as a sweet red bean soup in a Chinese restaurant. Furthermore, certain soups are growing in menu penetration, including ramen (2.3%; +49% over the past four years), pozole (1.9%; +42.1% over the past four years), and pho (1.4%; +56% over the past four years). Soup is certainly a versatile form, and it shows in so many applications today.

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