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Now that I’ve been a resident of Bangkok for awhile, I decided that I need to learn how to cook like a Thai. With a little research I found Amita Thai Cooking Classes.  It had the best reviews and it was just what I was looking for.

Photo by Brian Brindza

Photo by Brian Brindza

My trip to class started at the Shangri La Hotel. I walked behind the hotel and made my way down to the docks on the Chao Phraya River. I was greeted by a water taxi driver named Nut, which was fitting because he was a little nutty. About half way along our journey he asked me to drive so he could have a beer. I honestly thought he was joking until I was behind the wheel and he was in the back seat having a beer!

Travelling down the river we passed many beautiful Wats (Temples) and The Royal Palace. We turned off in to one of the smaller canals and saw some of the Thai family’s that live on the canals and use the water way as a road. After a short ride we found ourselves pulling up to this beautiful house with an entrance to match.

Greetings came from a small smiling Thai lady who took me to a gorgeously decorated back yard garden full of fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits. There I was seated at a table and was greeted by Khun Tam, another older Thai woman with a huge smile. She would be the instructor for the day.

I was surrounded by Thai grandmas! This couldn’t get any better!

Photo by Brian Brindza

Photo by Brian Brindza

She gave me a tour and long history of her home and life followed by a tour of her garden and the ingredients we would be using to cook that day. I had really hit the jack pot of home Thai cookery.

We headed to the amazing outdoor kitchen where she gave me my recipe cards and walked me through each recipe. We made Moo Satay (tasty strips of grilled marinated pork served with spicy peanut sauce), Kang Keaw Wan Gai (green curry chicken in coconut milk), Khao Man Som Tam, (coconut rice and papaya salad with chili lemon sauce) and Khao Niew Mamuang (mango sticky rice).

The dishes  were amazing and very authentic, from the fresh made coconut milk, to the home made curry.  As a chef you think you have a clue about how to cook certain types of cuisine but you realize how far off you are until you immerse yourself in that culture. The ingredients alone are just very different. We took our cooked lunches and sat in her garden and ate and discussed more Thai culture and food.

My belly now full, I was sent on my way home with a few small gifts from Tam and a grin on my face. This is a place I’ll be going back to for sure!

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