Put Down That Spoon, Drinkable Soups Are Now Trending

Consumers are constantly on the lookout for the latest on-trend foods that will fulfill their growing list of requirements. Products that are convenient and healthy, while also satisfying their hunger and taste buds are high on the list. One of the more recent food trends puts a unique twist on a classic offering to meet these demands- drinkable soup.

Packaged in single-serve bottles, drinkable soup provides a quick grab-and-go solution. Fortunately, this component of convenience does not come at the expense of taste. Drinkable soup products extend beyond the typical soup offerings to provide an exciting flavor experience through ingredient lists containing a variety of spices and vegetables such as turmeric, squash, peppers, and more. Furthermore, since drinkable soups consist of mainly vegetables and seasonings, they can easily be made to meet the growing desires of health-conscious consumers looking for organic and clean label products.

Additionally, the emergence of drinkable soup has brought about another recent trend known as “souping.” A diet centered around drinkable soups provides consumers a new alternative to the popular juice cleanse, or juicing trend. Soups tend to be lower in sugar, more savory, and thicker and heartier than juices, which leaves consumers feeling satiated.

Today, many companies selling drinkable soup are still young. This results in barriers to reaching some consumers, such as limited delivery reach and high prices. However, as these companies learn the best way to meet consumer’s needs and make their products known, these new trends of drinkable soup and souping may soon hit the mainstream.

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