Newlyvention 2021


What You Need to Know

Newly-Vention 2021 will be taking place on the heels of what has become an extended national shortage of basic necessities. Things that had become inherent to daily life and been relatively routine to locate, became not so easily accessible. So, the direction for this year’s challenge will take inspiration from our situation where what once was taken for granted, now requires more thought and effort to achieve a similar result. Concepts should be based on identifying and utilizing alternative means/methods in the area of Raw Materials, Ingredient Sources, Ingredient Applications and/or Processing Platforms. The pandemic has taught us to be resourceful and creative with limited supplies. The once free flow of global ingredients has slowed to a trickle. This challenge provides an arena to display your skills/expertise in formulation development, ingredient know-how and application. It also benefits from a solid grasp of culinary arts, cuisine insights and food/market trends.


Due to international travel restrictions, the 2021 challenge will be restricted to US Staff.  The number of finalists will be based on the total concepts submitted.


 The steps to take in showing off your full set of skills and achieving Newly-Vention stardom are:

  • Brief Due – August 31: Complete and submit the Concept Brief form by end of day. Tell us what your idea is all about and why it is the best!
  • Selection Process Results – September 15: A panel of judges will review all submissions. Finalists will be announced and move on to the next phase of the competition.
  • Presentation/Q&A – Week of December 5, 2021: Each finalist will present their finished concept in a “tasteing” to a multidisciplinary panel of judges in Chicago. They will have the opportunity to tell a complete story around their idea and make a case for it to be brought to life through commercialization.
  • Winners: Winners will receive CASH awards and have their product showcased at the 2021 North America Sales Meeting.



Let’s Go!

  • Don’t Delay
  • Get That Competitive Spirit All Charged Up
  • Put That Big Idea Down On Paper
  • Be The One With All The Accolades & Bragging Rights

* (For North America Based Participants Only: Any concepts utilizing American Style Bread Crumb and/or Japanese Style Bread Crumb cannot be accepted due to current corporate directives on new development.)