Newly Weds Foods 2.0

Newly Weds Foods has been making a push into the digital realm for the past year. It started with the launch of a new website and continues on with a more social approach. Newly Weds Foods is on LinkedIn and Facebook.

keys-264595_640While most people consider LinkedIn a place to get a job it’s also a place for professionals to connect and share ideas. That’s exactly how we are using it, filling our news feed with the latest trend information, happenings at Newly Weds Foods, and of course…job postings. Get all the latest info by following us on LinkedIn.

Facebook is typically considered a place to share pictures with your friends and family, but we have found this to be an invaluable tool to reach out to everyone who interfaces with Newly Weds Foods, be it a trucker who needs some information on our facilities, or a prospective client who needs a more personal way to get in touch. Additionally we share the same trend info and news as we do on LinkedIn…just in case you prefer one platform to another; the choice is yours for all your Newly Weds Foods news. You can reach our Facebook Page anytime on the web. Give our page a like to get all the news automatically.

For those of you not on any social networks, we have you covered as well. We have two newsletters that come out on a regular basis. The trend E-books are a way to stay on top of the changing face of the food industry. We can help point your project towards the next big trend or for a more personalized approach you can contact us directly. For Newly Weds Foods news, look to our other publication, Tasteology. It’s provided on our website in a convenient downloadable PDF format. Sign up for free trend E-books on our website or check out Tasteology.

Additionally we have created a digital meeting room where we can bring our culinary, marketing and technical experts right to your video conferencing enabled meeting room. Customers interested face to face collaboration around learning and product trends (regional or global) can take advantage of Newly Weds Foods Kitchenconuters. Our Kitchencounters resource can save your company precious time and travel costs by opening up a world of ideas and possibilities through today’s high tech communications platforms. You can bring your team in contact with any of our team members, whether they are just a state away, or a continent away. Get global insights, ideation sessions, and interactive chef presentations beamed anywhere you are.

To set up an appointment contact your Newly Weds Foods sales representative. Once you indicate the desire for a Kitchencounters session, we collect all the information necessary on your project, and pull in the appropriate Newly Weds Foods personnel from Research and Development, Marketing, and Culinary to give you the best presentation possible for your next big project. All we require from you is a strong internet connection and video conferencing capabilities.

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