A Middle Eastern Presentation…Just For You

Now that you have learned about the Middle Eastern food trend in the past blog posts from the highlights about the cuisine to the flavors that enliven the meals and even seen some insight into our culinary team’s adventures, what could be next? An opportunity for Newly Weds Foods to help your company bring these flavors to life with your new product development initiatives.

Allow Newly Weds Foods to be your guide. Coming soon, Newly Weds Foods will have a deep dive presentation on Middle Eastern cuisine, which contains:

  • An overview of the region
  • Signature dishes from several countries
  • Commonly used ingredients and examples of how these are being used in foodservice and retail products
  • Recipes developed by Newly Weds Foods chefs that highlight the flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine

Contact your sales representative for more details or to schedule a presentation and tasting of these flavors. Let Newly Weds Foods help you deliver that authenticity your customers are looking for.


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