Gluten-Free The Newly Weds Way

The Secret To Making The Best Gluten-Free Crumb

It takes world class manufacturing to produce gluten-free crumb that is second to none. To achieve that goal, Newly Weds Foods designed and built a dedicated gluten-free facility. Instead of using an extrusion process like many of our competitors do, we batch mix and turn yeast raised dough into perfect pan baked loaves of gluten-free bread. All for the purpose of creating the finest gluten-free bread crumb in the marketplace. Complementary capabilities including gluten-free blending for the production of predusts, adhesive batters, tempura batters and breaders completes a portfolio of gluten-free coating systems available to our food manufacturer/processor, retail and foodservice customers.

Our Gluten-Free Crumb

Newly Weds Foods is unique in making gluten-free bread crumb from actual pan baked loaves of batch mixed, yeast raised dough. This time-tested method imparts the same full flavor, great texture and appetizing appearance found in traditional wheat-based products. Eating gluten-free should not mean you have to accept anything less than the highest quality and most desired eating attributes associated with breaded products. That beloved crispy, crunchy bite of fried foods can only be delivered by using real gluten-free bread crumbs baked to perfection by Newly Weds Foods. That is how we are able to live up to the expectation of…No Wheat, No Compromise.



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