Global BBQ

Spring is finally here and after a long and chilly winter season our minds turn to outdoor activities like grilling out or barbecuing. But in reality true BBQ is an all-year affair and not just an American celebration.

bbqBBQ is a cuisine family with a unique and storied history that exists in various forms from dozens of cultures around the world. While many of the components are similar from country to country, the true (delicious) magic comes from the smaller local details. Variations in preparation, proteins and protein cuts, cooking methods and equipment, sauces, seasonings, rubs and ingredients can all deliver distinct attributes and characteristics that make a regional BBQ style exceptional. Plus, it’s incredibly delicious!

From yakatori to bulgogi to barbacoa, we’ve got all the details and even some recipes on regional barbecues from around the world all in one place. Do you want to learn all about BBQ – from history to recipes – by continent and country? Contact your Newly Weds Foods sales representative for details and to participate in Newly Weds Food’s Global BBQ presentation and discussion. It covers all of the key ingredients, cooking methods and history of BBQ from each of the regional U.S styles as well as from 19 other countries. And you can get ready to get your ‘que on!

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