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Global Expansion – Newly Weds Foods Opens Two New Plants

Newly Weds Foods opened two new manufacturing facilities in 2014; Erlanger, Kentucky and Auckland, New Zealand.

auklandNZThe Erlanger facility is our 16th North American location, encompassing 326,000 square ft. Production of Japanese Style Bread Crumb started Sept. 15th, 2014. A blending line went live on November 1st and future plans include Crackermeal production. This new facility also maintains a fully staffed and equipped R&D lab.

The Erlanger facility employes 52 people and will continue to grow as production increases. While the facility may be brand new, the practices and traditions of Newly Weds Foods that makes us a global leader in food ingredients is not a new concept to the Erlanger team. Plant Manager, Bart Pilarski, along with 66% of the management team transferred their knowledge and expertise from other Newly Weds Foods plants. In order to maintain the consistency of quality that customers expect from Newly Weds Foods, more than 90 percent of the staff completed their initial training at other locations throughout the country.

North America is not the only part of the globe to see Newly Weds Foods expand. In June, Newly Weds Foods Asia Pacific opened a new plant in Auckland, New Zealand. Newly Weds Foods has maintained a sales presence in New Zealand since 1995, however the new 9,100 square foot plant will feature blending lines for both seasoning and breading. The facility will also include a culinary center to help expand Newly Weds Foods global perspective on market trends.

For further reading on what’s going on at Newly Weds Foods, check out Tasteology, our newsletter.

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A New Look For Newly Weds Foods

The Newly Weds Foods logo has been a long standing and recognizable symbol of the company. However, it went through some change last year as part of an overall reimaging effort. After reviewing a number of iterations, the decision was made to retain those elements that so strongly represent the history and tradition of the company.

Inspiring New Tastes
The interlocking rings inside the diamond as well as the unique logotype used in the Newly Weds’ name have been a part of the company since its beginnings. Keeping them intact was felt to be imperative as they reflect on Newly Weds Foods stability as a company and, as a trusted ingredient supplier with a commitment to the customer. The logo change can be seen with the insertion of “inspiring new tastes” as the new position line. The message conveyed in this wording better represents all that Newly Weds Foods has to offer. Beyond technical capabilities, the company has all the resources in place to provide the kind of inspired thinking necessary to support successful taste innovation and overall product development activity.

We launched a brand new website as well. The site not only showcases a new technical prowess, but it mirrors the look and feel of the new logo. The website is more expansive and has a greater depth of
information than before. The landscape of the internet has changed. It’s a content driven place and the new website fits into that landscape very well. It is constantly evolving to better represent what we do here at Newly Weds Foods. There’s a lot we offer and are putting more emphasis
behind all those facets of the company. A major highlight of the reimaging is the
introduction of our new program Kitchencounters™.

Kitchencounters™, is a real-time, online digital kitchen, where any of our chefs worldwide can communicate directly with you, sharing the latest trend information from around the globe. It could be a simple interactive presentation of a new idea or a full blown ideation session to take your new product development initiatives to the next level.

Beyond the digital kitchen aspect, the program showcases our knowledge and innovation in many ways. The on-demand trend newsletters, videos, and articles are available to everyone on our website. The information we are sharing with you is a culmination of all our research and insights keeping in touch with the pulse of world wide trends.

Newly Weds Foods continues to demonstrate an ability to inspire new tastes in all facets of product development.

For further reading on what’s going on at Newly Weds Foods, check out Tasteology, our newsletter.

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